Effective Link Building Software – Worth Investing?

When designing a website, a common term used is link building. Link building is building connections to a website. In order to build links that will promote your site, you will need to use effective link building software. There are a whole range of software that you can use. By using these effective link building software, you are guaranteed to promote your site.

When looking to promote your website, you can do it in one of two ways. You can do it via SEO which is Search Engine Optimization or you can do it by the Direct Click-Through Traffic method. Both of these ways enable you to promote your site in a more effective manner. You must remember that your site can be better publicized through one or both of these methods depending on what type of site it is. When using Search Engine Optimization to enhance your site, you can use one of the many effective link building software available today. One of the most effective software to buildup your link is Arelis. It is one of the oldest link building software and is highly efficient when building links. This type of software focuses on building high quality links that enhances links from many different sources. Therefore people can access your site from many different methods. Examples of this would be from related websites, internet lists and search engines.

Another effective software to build your link is Zeus. This software can be used for both methods of promoting your website. You can get better search engine results and you can increase your popularity through direct links to your site. This software has been in use since 1997, making it another one of the oldest link building software available today. The software comes with tutorials on how to use the software effectively. It also arrives with pointers and ideas on how to market your website. The software is also spam free which is an added advantage. OptiLink is another effective link building software that will market your website for better search engine results. One of the handy features of this software is that is predicts search rankings. Therefore, you are able to see where your website stands when a search is carried out beforehand. This enables you to make adjustments before publishing your website.

There are many more effective software that you can make use of to buildup your link. Therefore, you should pick one that suits your web marketing needs best.

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Advantages of Social Media Optimization

The ultimate purpose of SMO just like Search Engine Optimization, is to draw visitors to a particular website and increasing its visibility on the internet. However, how SMO differs from SEO lies in the fact that although Search Engine Optimization concentrates on redirecting traffic from search engines, Social Media Optimization targets driving traffic from sources other than just search engines. However a successful Social Media Optimization strategy leads to an improved search engine rating for the website.

Social Media Optimization methods can be implemented in two ways:

• Features added to the website directly in the form of RSS feeds, sharing, polling and rating polls and including third party functionalities such as Images and Videos.
• Promotional activities such as blogging, discussion forums, commenting on other blogs, micro blogging sites such as Twitter as well as using social networking websites such as Orkut, Facebook etc.

Social Media Optimization can be understood simply as “word-of-mouth” publicity, done through the use of social networking websites, blogs etc. SMO is also a form of viral marketing, where the publicity is done not using family or friends but through tools such as blogs and social, image and video-sharing websites.

Social Media Optimization has much more applications than just gaining more visibility on the internet. Companies are using it to expand their horizons and use SMO for product development, recruitment, brand building, business development, customer relationship as well as public relation exercises. It allows for a more healthy relationship between the company and the consumer, allowing direct interaction and transparency.

Smart businesses resort to not just Search Engine Optimization for their growth but also throw in a healthy balance of Social Media Optimization to leverage the most out of their resources. Some healthy practices to make the most of your SMO strategy are as follows:

• Boost your linkability: Make it easy for visitors to reach you by establishing links with various websites.

• Make tagging easy: Your webpage should be easy to tag and bookmark for future references.

• Help your content travel: Use social media to make sure your website easily to view for the target base.

• Be a user resource: Even if it doesn’t help your cause directly, make sure your website is useful to all its visitors.

• Reach out: Social media works best with communication from both ends. Interact to receive more visitors.

• Create content: Ensure that your website is interesting and relevant to your target base.

• Reward inbound links: Links leading to your website should be encouraged and rewarded for their help.

Social Media Optimization is considered to be an integral part of an Online Reputation Management (ORM) or Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) strategy for organizations, which care about their online presence. To sum it up, SMO is an integral part of emerging businesses. To thrive in today’s highly competitive market, it is the need of the hour.

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Mobile Media by the Masses

Mobile is fast becoming the ultimate referral based media channel.

Applications for user generated content, social networking, connectivity, blogging and social media marketing and mobile media access — available to just about everyone — are speeding the process.

Applications like Twitter and Loopt are keeping personal networkers in remote contact while social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn aggregate mobile contacts and updates. With Ning, CollectiveX, KickApps and a host of social networking platforms for white labeling your very own network app, it doesn’t take a team of web monkeys to build your own social networking application. You can do build your own social networking site in a few hours. The same is true for managing blogs using apps like Typepad and Blogger. If you find professional web development WYSIWYG applications like Dreamweaver daunting, anyone who can point and click can download complete web templates from sites like Hypertemplates and easily update them with Adobe Contribute.

All of this media technology innovation puts more media control in the hands of the masses than ever before thought possible. Which means that media attention may soon be subject to competition from more independent channels. Channels like the guy next door, your friends, your mom. People that don’t need additional permission to contact you and people — according to Harris Interactive — whose referrals to products and services you trust 60 percent more of the time than the “expert” opinions.

It shouldn’t be long before advertisers catch on that Mom is better media placement than media networks. She may have a smaller reach, but her conversion rate is much greater. I’m surprised that all of Internet advertising was still below 10 percent of media spending in 2007. I am not surprised that Internet media (including mobile) was the only media channel with a significant increase in ad spending (15 percent over 2006, nearly all other channels were flat or down from the previous year). Mobile media is just 8 percent of online today but that’s pretty decent growth for a media that didn’t exist in the US a few short years ago.

The mobile media channel has distinct advantages that no other media does. What other media is as portable, by permission and personalized? The mobile media channel is assured of success for these reasons and more but it is really going to flourish with the adoption web based applications available for the masses.

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Tribal Gaming in the United States

The availability of casino gaming in the United States has changed drastically over the last 20 years or so. For many years I worked with a newspaper niche group. Our niche was casino gaming. Through that association we were invited to Nevada to cover gaming tournaments. That connection fed our curiosity about the business.

The major change in casino gaming in the United States is the result of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) passed by the U. S. Congress in 1988. At that time, Washington, our home state, was one of the few states that already had a State Gambling Commission in existence.

That Gambling Commission was in place to regulate charity and commercial gaming in the State of Washington. Because casino gaming – including Craps, Blackjack and Roulette – was already permitted in the state, the Native American tribes in the state of Washington were among the first in the country to open casinos on tribal land.

The economic benefits to the tribal communities have been – in most cases – a real boon to the members. Economic and educational opportunities that were not previously available to tribal members all of a sudden were. Young members of the tribe had a future. Middle aged members had job possibilities and older members had a little more security.

One of the local tribes – The Puyallup Nation – dispenses $3,000 per month from their casino profits to each member of the tribe. All funds are held in trust for members under 18 years of age. The other two major tribes concentrate their profits on bettering the standard of living for their members.

Like anything else that grows too quickly – some of the gaming explosion has been good and some of it not so good.

Some jurisdictions broadened their laws to expand non-tribal gaming. In some areas, the state got more involved when the state didn’t understand the business of gambling. Many jurisdictions considered the addition of casino gaming to be the answer to their depressed economies. Consequently, some areas were over-developed.

And, unfortunately, like many things that start out a good – or at least an okay – idea, some parts of it have gotten out of control.

We’ve watched what has evolved in Washington with antennae up to the rest of the country. The original ruling with the Bureau of Indian Affairs was that any tribe located in a jurisdiction that allowed casino gaming could allow casino gaming on their tribal land.

That opened up a whole can of worms which resulted in defunct tribes trying to resurrect their tribal status, professional casino companies “managing” casino properties for the tribes – and not always to the tribe’s advantage. The tribe’s land was not always the most advantageous so other lands came into the picture. Some tribes used the money to the advantage of their members – others did not.

Historically the “Founding Fathers” in this great country of ours took terrible advantage of Native American tribes and did their best to destroy the culture in the name of progress when it was no more than a land grab. But then, my family is from Croatia and they’re full of stories about the conquerors who over rode their country.

My son was killed in Iraq in 2005 – Do we have any business being there? He thought so and gave his life for what he believed. I firmly believe he was right to be there – then. The tyranny the Iraqi people were living under had to stop. Unfortunately, it’s a long process and one the people of Iraq have to figure out for themselves.

The history of many countries is filled with stories of infidels, conquerors and land being taken away from one group and given to another. It’s been happening for centuries.

So what does that have to do with the issue of Tribal Gaming now. The land that the casinos sit on is considered Tribal land and therefore is exempt from certain taxes. That raises the question of propriety when a tribe is able to substitute land for a casino expansion. Many times after the land switch the tribes are conducting business in a jurisdiction that requires all other businesses to pay a tax base to support that jurisdiction.

The original IGRA ruling pertained to original tribal land, but when land is substituted or a defunct tribe is granted resurrected status, I wonder if the same rules should continue to apply.

This is being written in the summer of 2009 in the middle of the worst financial crises this country has ever seen. If there is a tribal casino in your area, notice how many people are playing every day. If someone took the time to do the research would they find out that the amount of money being spent at tribal casinos in this country has contributed significantly to the money crises many people are in.

However, casino gaming is a choice for people to make. It’s entertainment and kept under control not that much different from what one would pay to attend a major concert or a major league sporting event. However, tribal casino gaming enjoys a tax advantage status that other businesses do not enjoy.

So, when many dollars are being spent on an activity that is not generating a tax base and that tax base supports education and basic human services we all suffer.

Live casino gaming action is now available just about anywhere you go in the United States. So even if your state doesn’t offer live gaming, somewhere in your geographical region you can probably find a casino.

If you enjoy casino gaming, do yourself a huge favor and learn all you can about the table games. The one-armed bandits have reached a technological level that is raking in billions of dollars to both tribal and commercial gaming establishments across the country. Your best counter-measure is to know and understand more about the table games. You’ll last longer on the money you have to play with and you’ll have more control over your gaming destiny.

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